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Links to some of my favorite products...

Here I have my dog food and training links. I realize there is not much here, but we will add as our program grows and we have more favorites!

And, of course, we have to disclose the fact that I may earn a small commission from the amazon links.


Order your dog food early so you have a supply on hand when your new puppy comes home! I highly recommend for you to stay on PawTree for a couple months. It will help your puppy adjust to its new life so much better. Switching to a different dog food can really upset the GI tract and cause diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal issues. If you want to switch, you can after a couple months, and do it slowly. Please buy a high-quality dog food. This is very important as nutrition will affect your puppy now and in their senior years! 

Baxter and Bella comes highly recommended by all my breeder and mentor friends! I subscribed to it myself and we'll be going through it with our girl that we're keeping from Lavanda's Autumn litter. 

This course is designed to begin BEFORE your puppy comes home!!

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